Learn How to Play Texas Hold’em

Introduction to Texas Hold'em

The first episode of Everything Poker is an introduction to Texas Hold'em poker, the most popular card game on earth. You'll learn the basic rules of the game and the ranking of hands (what hand beats what). Does three of a kind beat two pairs? You'll soon know the answer.

This episode also explains the small forced bets that occur every round - called the 'blinds', and how the action and the betting proceed during a poker hand. You'll understand a poker hand from start to finish, including how the winner of a 'showdown' is determined. A showdown occurs when two or more players compare their holdings at the end of a hand to determine the winner.

We'll transport you to the European Poker Tour (EPT) to see the basics in action, as Daniel Negreanu and other top pros match wits at one of the world's biggest poker tournaments. Plus, we cover basic terminology, so when other players talk about their 'kicker' or hitting the 'nuts', you'll know exactly what they mean.

Speaking of kickers, this episode features poker champion Joe Hachem, who will analyze the dangers of playing weak kickers as well as take a closer look at basic betting.

Poker is easy to learn and fun to play, and this episode helps you grasp the basic mechanics of the game. Get ready to take your seat at the poker table and start playing. This is just the beginning of your exciting poker journey!
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Practice your Skills

You can put your knowledge into practice at PokerStars, where you can play for free with players at your skill level. As a PokerStars player you can also join the PokerSchool for free and get access to even more video clips and highlights from Everything Poker.
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