Different Poker Player Styles

TAG and LAG Poker Explained

You'll notice that different players employ different styles of play at the table. This episode explains why a 'tight-aggressive' (TAG) approach is best for beginners, and is often used by the pros as well.

TAG players are selective with their starting hands, and bet aggressively when they're strong. Using some terminology that we'll learn in this segment, playing 'tight-aggressive' will help you become a 'shark' and win chips from the 'donkeys'!

The episode also explores alternatives to the TAG style, such as 'loose-aggressive' (LAG), loose-passive and 'tight-passive'. However, these styles are generally not optimal. For example, a player who is too loose will put money in the pot when his chance of winning is low, and an overly passive player will miss opportunities to build the pot and win big.

Jason Mercier is certainly a player with a winning approach. He won six major tournaments in three years, including a European Poker Tour (EPT) title and two World Series bracelets. Mercier tells us how he began his career and the factors that have helped him succeed. Later, poker champ Daniel Negreanu walks us through a hand at the EPT and emphasizes the importance of playing aggressively.

In a discussion at the end of the show, top poker pros, including online phenomenon Lex Veldhuis, discuss their individual playing styles. They may not take an identical approach to the game, but they agree that playing 'TAG' is the way to go when you're just starting out.
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