Position Poker Tutorial

Playing Poker in Position

In this video 2005 World Series of Poker champion Joe Hachem discusses a hand which readily illustrates the importance of position.

In the hand, Pablo gets things started by raising to 300 from middle position with A-Q, a strong hand that is generally worth raising if everyone has folded to you. It folds around to Ray Ray on the button who has 9h-8h. Ray Ray has suited connectors, a good hand with which to see a flop. Even better for him, he is in position on Pablo. So he calls.

The flop comes 4-2-7, which doesn't do much for either player's hand. However, since Ray Ray has position, he really has the advantage here, even though Pablo technically has the better hand. Worried about what Ray Ray might do acting behind him, Pablo checks, and Ray Ray takes that as an invitation to bet 400. Pablo decides to fold.

You can see from this hand how having position on your opponent can not only allow you to play more hands than you might from earlier position, but also put more pressure on your opponents with your bets.
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