Poker Position Strategy

Using Your Position in Poker

This episode delves deeper into position, and how to play from early, middle and late positions at the poker table. We first go through the details of early position play, which involves tightening up your hand selection and proceeding cautiously.

The segment on middle and late positions tells you how to open up your range of starting hands and take advantage of seeing other players' decisions before having to make yours. For example, pocket sevens in early position should probably be folded. But from late position, you'll play your 7-7 under the right circumstances.

World Series champion Joe Hachem explains how late position can help you make the right decisions, and how to use position to put pressure on your opponents. We also take a look at a key hand in the European Poker Tour (EPT) where position made the difference.

Use position wisely and you're more likely to go on a 'heater'. But suffering a bad beat might leave you 'steaming'! Wondering we're talking about? After watching the terminology segments, you'll know exactly what we mean.

The episode concludes with Live Boeree, Daniel Negreanu and other big poker names discussing the early days of their poker careers, and what they were doing before going pro. They tell some interesting stories.
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