Poker Tourney Basics

Poker Tournament Types and Rules

In this episode of Everything Poker, we learn all about tournaments. Poker tournaments are a great way to learn poker because you have a chance to win big, while the most you can lose is what you paid to enter. Everyone starts with the same amount of chips. Lose all your chips and you're out, accumulate lots of chips and you'll get a share of the prize pool – maybe even win the whole thing!

We'll learn about the many different types of tournaments that you can play, from single-table 'Sit & Go' tourneys to multi-table tourneys with hundreds or thousands of players. There are also tournaments with 'rebuys', and 'satellite' tournaments that let you qualify for bigger events. Tournaments with rapidly increasing blinds are known as 'turbos'.

Once you understand the characteristics of different kinds of tournaments, you can choose to enter tournaments that suit your bankroll and playing style. That will increase your chances of finishing 'in the money' – getting a piece of the tournament prize pool.

The episode also touches on the endurance aspect of playing in tournaments. You'll need to concentrate, possibly for hours on end. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and some degree of physical fitness can help your mental toughness.

Finally, multiple World Series bracelet holder Daniel Negreanu and other big tournament winners like Jose 'Nacho' Barbero and Liv Boeree discuss their lives on the professional poker circuit. They travel the world and test their skills at the highest level.
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Practice your Skills

You can put your knowledge into practice at PokerStars, where you can play for free with players at your skill level. As a PokerStars player you can also join the PokerSchool for free and get access to even more video clips and highlights from Everything Poker.
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