Gathering Poker Information

How to Gain Poker Info and Spot Tells

This episode is about gathering information. If you can identify what an opponent tends to do in certain situations, you can use that info to your advantage. For example, if a player rarely bluffs and only bets big with a monster hand, you should proceed cautiously when he puts lots of chips in the middle.

However, if a player seems to always be bluffing, you might type 'LOL' in the chat box and re-raise him when your holding looks strong. We'll review some terminology from the world of online poker and chatting, such as 'NH', 'GG' and 'ROFLMAO'.

In live poker, there are physical actions, known as 'tells', that can give away what a player is thinking. This is illustrated in a hand from the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) where Juan Feres attempts to make a bluff, but fails when his 'poker face' gives way to a nervous shake of the head.

Online poker also has tells. You cannot see your opponents, but you can track their online behaviours. For example, does a player tend to use the 'auto-check' button in particular situations? This episode will tell you what that means and how to take advantage of it.

Poker pro Vanessa Selbst explains that keeping your opponents guessing is usually better than 'showing' your hand. Later, poker pioneer Chris Moneymaker, EPT champ Liv Boeree and other pros discuss what they would have done if they hadn't gotten into poker. The answers range from 'accountant' to 'rock star'.
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