Top Poker Pros - How they Got Started

Poker Players' Background Stories

In this video, a group of established pros discuss how they got started in poker. As it happened, each of them came to poker via a different path.

WPT Champion and WSOP bracelet holder Theo Jшrgensen first talks about how he learned the game as a grade-schooler when a $2 bluff was a big deal. Then two-time LAPT champ Jose "Nacho" Barbero describes how he used to play Magic the Gathering before eventually transitioning to poker. Barbero was actually quite successful playing Magic, making money and traveling the world before he became a top poker pro.

Barbero did finish school and even pursued a law degree for a time. Meanwhile, EPT champ Liv Boeree graduated with a physics degree, then was introduced to poker while participating on a reality TV show in London. Finally, Daniel Negreanu, winner of multiple WSOP bracelets and WPT titles, tells about how he grew up playing limit hold'em as well as other wild card games for hours and hours with his friends.

Poker is a game that truly attracts a wide variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds.
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