What is a Poker Kicker?

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A kicker is the card that is used to decide the winner when players have the same hand. Consider a situation where Player 1 has A-K as his hole cards, while Player 2 holds A-9. The community cards show A-6-7-4. Both players have a pair of aces. But Player 1 has a king kicker, which is higher than Player 2's 9 kicker. Therefore, Player 1's pair of aces with king kicker wins the hand.

Keep in mind that a Hold'em hand is made up of the best 5 cards from your hand and the community cards. In the above example, Player 1's complete hand is actually A-A-K-7-6, and Player 2's hand is A-A-9-7-6. You can see that Player 1's king kicker is the reason that he wins the hand.


The pot is the total amount of chips that players have bet during a hand. When you make a bet, the amount that you wager goes into the pot. That's the big pile of chips in the middle of the table that everyone wants to win! Someone might say 'there's $10 in the pot', or 'I won a $10 pot'.
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