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Poker Hands Explained

There are many forms of poker that all use the same hand rankings. We'll discuss No Limit Texas Hold'em, which also uses these rankings. Remember that a poker hand always consists of the best five cards made from the community cards and the two cards dealt to you.

First, when nobody has a pair, the player with the highest card in their hand wins. Next is one pair, a hand that has two cards with equal value and three unmatched cards. But two pairs is a stronger hand than just one pair, and three of a kind is even better than two pairs.

Next, you have the straight, which is five cards in a sequence. Better still is the flush - five cards with the same suit but not in sequence. A flush is a very strong hand. However, you can beat a flush with a full house, a hand consisting of three cards with an equivalent value, and another 2 cards with a different matching value. Getting a full house is rare, and you'll usually win with that hand.

Even a full house can be beaten by four of a kind - a hand that contains four cards having an equal value and one random card. Better still is a straight flush, which contains five cards having the same suit and in sequence. Finally, at the top, there is the Royal Flush. This is five cards of the same suit in sequence from 10 to Ace.
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