Poker Language and Sayings

Poker Language and Sayings

Poker Terminology

The nuts

Life is great when you have the nuts. Having the nuts means that you hold the best possible cards in a poker hand. No matter what cards the other players might have, your hand will win. For example, if you hold A-A and the community cards show A-7-2-Q, you are guaranteed to have the best hand.

Hole cards

At the beginning of the hand, two hole cards are cards dealt to each player face down so that no other player can see them. In Texas Hold'em you are always dealt two hole cards.


Another term used to describe the two cards dealt to each player is 'pocket'. Typically, you use this term if your hole cards are a pair. For example, a player with hole cards 6-6 might say 'I've got pocket sixes'.


When a player has a pocket pair (i.e. his two hole cards have the same value) and one of the community cards matches his pair to give him three of a kind, that player is said to have a set. For example, if a player holds J-J, and the turn (i.e. the fourth community card) is a jack, that player has a set of jacks.


The button or 'dealer button' is a small disk which is placed in front of the player who sits in the dealer position for the hand. The button is moved one position clockwise after each hand.
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