Betting in Poker

How to Bet in Poker

This video shows the process of betting in poker. The example hand is folded around to Silas, who holds A-K. That is a strong starting hand. Silas raises to 600 chips. The next few players fold, but Big Dog decides to call with his pair of tens. Pocket tens is also a good hand.

The button folds and so do the blinds, leaving Silas and Big Dog in the hand. The flop is 10-J-Q, giving Silas a straight with 10-J-Q-K-A. Silas has the 'nuts', the best hand possible. Big Dog also has a very strong hand, with his 'set' of tens. That means three tens – two in Big Dog's hand and one from the community cards.

Silas is the first to act and decides to bet 750 chips. Big Dog is not sure if his set of tens is the best hand, so he just calls. However, Big Dog is also thinking that if the turn or river (i.e. the fourth and fifth community cards) make a pair with a card from the flop, he will have a full house, which would probably be the nuts.

The turn is a 2c, which doesn't change either player's hand. Silas is feeling confident about his straight and bets 1500 chips. Big Dog calls again. The 5s on the river also makes no difference. Silas knows he has the best possible hand, the nut straight. Silas bets 4,000 chips and Big Dog calls hoping that his set is good enough to win. Nope - Silas wins the hand!
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