Betting Your Poker Hand

Poker Betting with a Purpose

This video shows a couple of hands that illustrate players betting with specific purposes in mind.

The first comes from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and features Dan Heimiller and Benny Chen. In the hand, Heimiller opens with a raise before the flop with A-4, then Chen calls him from the button holding 6-6. The flop comes 2-9-5, and Heimiller checks.

Chen makes a small bet -- less than half the pot -- in order to see what Heimiller might do in response. Chen is betting to gain information.

Heimiller then makes the decision to check-raise. Heimiller didn't connect with the flop (although he did pick up an inside straight draw), so his bet is really a bluff. In other words, his purpose here is to make Chen fold what is presumably a better hand, which Chen does.

The second hand comes from an EPT event in Austria and features Jorg Weber and Mel Judah. Here Weber raises preflop with A-J and Judah calls with 8-8. Once again the flop is low and doesn't particularly help either player, although Weber does pick up a flush draw and so makes a continuation bet.

Judah then decides to raise. Here Judah's purpose is to protect what he believes is the best hand. He correctly suspects his opponent is drawing, and makes the big raise to get Weber out of there. And it works. Note how no one is betting in either of these hands without having specific purposes for doing so.
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