Sizing Poker Bets Video Tutorial

Learn to Size Bets in Poker

This video features a hand from EPT London that illustrates the importance of bet-sizing.

Angel Shlomi begins with a raise to 475 before the flop holding Ks-Kc. That's a large opening raise -- almost five times the big blind. A standard opening raise would've been 2.5 to 3 times the big blind.

Farza Bonyadi has 6d-6h and calls the raise. Then Daniel Negreanu decides to call as well on the button with 10d-9d.

The flop comes 9s-5s-4c, bringing a pair for Negreanu, but he's still behind Shlomi's kings. Shlomi makes a continuation bet of 1,525 -- again, large in terms of its relation to the size of the pot -- and Bonyadi folds, but Negreanu calls.

The turn is the Qh, and Shlomi makes a small bet of 2,125. Even though this bet is for more chips than the flop bet, it's considered 'small' because it is less than half the size of the pot. Negreanu has decent odds to call such a small bet and hope to improve on the river.

The river 8c doesn't specifically help Negreanu, but when Shlomi makes another small bet of 3,000, Negreanu has an idea that Shlomi is sitting with an overpair like K-K or A-A and is afraid of losing to a better hand. So Negreanu makes a big re-raise to 12,800, and it works as Shlomi folds the better hand.

Shlomi's bet-sizing got him in trouble here -- betting too much early in the hand, then not enough on later streets.
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