Learn How to Play Poker

Basic Poker Concepts

This episode of Everything Poker reviews some key concepts that were covered in-depth earlier in the series. Once you've grasped these concepts, you'll be well on your way to becoming a poker 'shark'.

Your position at the table is extremely important. It affects what cards you should play, and how to play them. That's because late position allows you to evaluate other players' actions before you make your move. This is highlighted in a clip from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) where position helps a player win a tough hand.

Another critical area is betting – why bet and how many chips to put in the middle. You bet to gain value, protect your hand, gain information or bluff. The size of your bet depends on factors like what you're trying to achieve and the behaviour of your opponents.

You might do everything right and still lose the hand. Don't worry, bad beats happen to everyone. You'll gasp as we watch a couple of 'sick' beats at the European Poker Tour (EPT) and North American Poker Tour (NAPT). After a bad beat, you need to stay strong and avoid going on 'tilt'. You must also manage your bankroll and be prepared for the ups and downs of this exciting game.

To wrap things up, poker champion Daniel Negreanu takes us through a hand that he played against formidable poker pro Lex Veldhuis. These giants of poker use position, betting strategy, and opponent information as they battle head to head. Watch and learn, and enjoy playing poker!
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Practice your Skills

You can put your knowledge into practice at PokerStars, where you can play for free with players at your skill level. As a PokerStars player you can also join the PokerSchool for free and get access to even more video clips and highlights from Everything Poker.
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