Poker Hand Analysis with Daniel Negreanu

Poker Tutorial with Daniel Negreanu

In this video, poker champion Daniel Negreanu walks us through a hand that demonstrates positional play, bet sizing, and gathering information. There are some important lessons to learn.

The hand involves Negreanu and Lex Veldhuis, and the setting is the PokerStars Big Game. Negreanu makes a standard raise to 1,200 with 9c-Tc. The amateur player at the table (i.e. the Loose Cannon) just calls with K-J. A better move would be to reraise here and take control of the hand. Doyle Brunson also calls, despite having just a mediocre hand, because he's getting the right odds and is in position. Next, Veldhuis reraises to 7,000 with a strong holding of Ad-Qd.

Negreanu has position and 7,000 is not a huge raise relative to the chip stacks of 200,000+, so he makes the call even though Veldhuis might have a very strong hand. However, the Loose Cannon and Brunson have hands that don't look good in this situation, and fold, leaving Negreanu and Veldhuis heads up.

The flop gives Negreanu top pair, but could spell trouble if Veldhuis has Aces, Kings, Queens or Jacks. Veldhuis is an aggressive player, and as expected, puts in a raise. Negreanu wants to play it safe and just calls. The turn card gives Negreanu a flush draw, and a chance at the best hand even if Veldhuis holds an overpair.

Veldhuis checks, allowing Negreanu to see the river for free or make a bet. He decides to proceed with caution, and also checks. The river helps Negreanu, but he doesn't hit the flush. Veldhuis might still have a stronger hand.

After taking time to think, Veldhuis moves all in for 85,000. Before making his decision, Negreanu considers the whole scenario – the fact that he and good friend Veldhuis play a lot together and know each other's moves, the situations where Veldhuis typically makes this kind of bet, and Lex's tells. In the end, Negreanu must decide if Veldhuis has the nuts or is bluffing.

Finally, Negreanu makes the call and wins the pot, and Veldhuis shows his hand of just Ace high.
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