Weak Poker Hands

Trap Hands in Poker

This video illustrates the problems caused by playing bad starting hands. The hand begins with Boomer raising to 300 with Q-Q. Smoky has been dealt 8-7 suited and decides to call the raise with position on Boomer. It folds around to Boy Wonder in the big blind who has J-4. That's not a good starting hand, but Boy Wonder calls anyway.

The flop comes J-10-6 which gives Boy Wonder a pair of jacks. But it's a tricky spot for him. He's out of position against two opponents. And while he does have a pair, his kicker -- the 4 in his hand -- is terrible. Anyone else with a jack probably has a better second card. And, as we know, one player has a higher pair in his hand.

Boy Wonder checks, and Boomer bets 400. Smoky missed this flop, so he folds, but Boy Wonder calls. The turn brings another 6, which doesn't really change the situation. Boy Wonder checks again, and this time Boomer bets 1,000. You can see how difficult things are here for Boy Wonder, who can't bring himself to fold his J-4. So he calls again.

The river is the 3h. Poor Boy Wonder is still unsure where he stands, so he checks once more. Boomer bets 1,800 and Boy Wonder calls yet again. He's lost a pretty big pot here, but could have avoided a lot of trouble if he'd just thrown away that bad starting hand when he first had the chance.
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