Learn Poker Hand Ranks
hand rankings
Understanding the poker hand rankings is step number one in learning to play poker. Make sure you start here if you have any doubts about which wins: a straight, a flush, or a full house.
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Poker Hand Strength
starting hands
Being able to evaluate starting hand strength is an important first step to playing winning poker. There are 169 different two-card combinations – learn a simple way to quickly value each one.
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Everything about Poker

Everything Poker is where you can learn how to play poker and get answers to all your poker questions. The series will teach you everything from basic game rules to advanced strategies - and you'll get it all straight from world champions like Daniel Negreanu and Joe Hachem.

The Basics

The series begins with fundamentals of the game, like starting poker hands, position, and tournament basics. Easy-to-understand video tutorials accompanied by explanatory text make poker fun to learn and will have you playing in no time.

The Next Level

When you're ready to move beyond the basics, Everything Poker is your source for the next level of poker strategy. Enhance your skills with advice from the pros on betting, calculating odds, and reading opponents. You'll soon be playing like a poker champion.

Play like a Pro

There's no greater opportunity to learn poker. Watch the videos, understand the basics, practice your skills, and play like a pro!
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Practice your Skills

You can put your knowledge into practice at PokerStars, where you can play for free with players at your skill level. As a PokerStars player you can also join the PokerSchool for free and get access to even more video clips and highlights from Everything Poker.
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